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A ONE-DAY WORSHIP SCHOOL is a six-hour teaching Intensive taught by Gerrit Gustafson. It is co-hosted by a local church and WholeHearted Worship and designed to deepen the understanding and experience of worship of those who attend.

Shine GOD IS LOOKING FOR WORSHIPERS... not just believers or attenders, but those who really worship!

Jesus said in John 4 that His Father is seeking worshipers. This is the mission of the WORSHIP SCHOOLS: to help us become the kind of worshipers the Father is seeking.

Throughout the history of God's people, the issues of worship -- whom we worship, why we worship and how we worship -- have often been the pivotal issues determining the freedom, welfare and fruitfulness of His people.

It's still true today...

"May the peoples praise you, O God; may all the peoples praise you.
Then the land will yield its harvest, and God, our God will bless us." Psalm 67:5,6.


Teaching is like planting seeds. If church leaders want to see an increase of faith, or evangelism, or prayer among their people, they will probably teach on faith, or evangelism or prayer. In so doing, they are sowing particular seeds toward a particular harvest.

Providing teaching on worship is one of the best things to do in order to see an increase in the experience of worship and God's presence.

A ONE DAY WORSHIP SCHOOL is a well-organized, thoughtful presentation that will penetrate the hearts and minds of those who attend. It will be a great initiation for those who are just beginning the discovery of worship, and it will help give new vision and understanding to the "veteran worshipers."


A ONE DAY WORSHIP SCHOOL starts with registration at 8:15 AM. Registrants are given a 36-page Worship Schools Study Guide. The first of six sessions begins promptly at 9 AM with an introduction and some worship. Topics will vary from one location to another, but here are some:

>> THE BIG PICTURE. This lesson gives us some basic definitions and takes us through a brief history of worship showing how historically significant the present emphasis on worship is. Key text: I Peter 2:5, 9 -- the Church as a priestly people.

>> PREFERENCES AND ESSENTIALS IN WORSHIP. Often the development of worship is hindered because of the tendency to make ultimate issues out of personal preferences without considering the Biblical essentials. This distinction is vital in establishing a unified approach to worship for your congregation or fellowship.

>> SPIRIT & TRUTH - THE DIVINE IMPERATIVE. Here we understand the 1st of 3 Biblical essentials: true worship must be in spirit and truth. But what does it mean to worship in spirit and truth? Based on John 4:24-25, this lesson helps us evaluate both our personal and corporate worship, and grow in fulfilling this divine imperative.

>> ALL MY BEING. Linking the Great Commandment -- loving God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength -- with our life of worship, we'll receive more insight into God's specifications for worshipers. In this 2nd of 3 Biblical essential, we'll consider the importance of the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and even physical components of worship, and evaluate our church cultures in light of God's desire for wholeheartedness.

>> SONGS, HYMNS AND SPIRITUAL SONGS. In this 3rd Biblical essential, we'll learn about the Biblical paradigm of diversity in worship that is simultaneously Historic, Contemporary and Prophetic. This will give a Biblical foundation for bridging the cultural chasm between Contemporary and Historic Worship. Key text: Rev. 4:8 -- Heaven worships the God of the past, present and future.

>> THE FIVE FINGERS OF WORSHIP. Here we look around at 5 areas of development in worship today. These sub-movements are 1) Youth Worship, 2) Neo-Liturgy, 3) User-Friendly Worship, 4) Prophetic Worship, and 5) Small Group Worship. Each has an important contribution to the big picture, and all are inter-related, like fingers on a hand. This will help know how to handle the uniquenesses God has for you as a worshiper and your congregation.

>>WORSHIP LEADERSHIP. This deals with the common challenges that a commitment to worship brings... challenges like "what to do when you don't have anyone to lead worship?"... "do we really want to bring drums into the church?"... "aren't we trying to learn too many new songs" ... and so on? We'll look at the most common hindrances to meaningful worship and how to overcome them.

>> WILD CARD. The final session may consist of Q & A, prayer ministry, or a unique message that Gerrit feels appropriate.

The sessions are lively, humorous, insightful and interspersed with worship. More importantly, as Don Moen says, Gerrit's "teaching will change you forever." By the end of the day, you are saturated with new vision and enthusiasm for taking the next steps in your life of worship. Each graduate gets a signed Certificate of Graduation.



We make it easy for you. We provide you with a strategy and materials to help promote the event. Hosting costs usually run between $1000 and $1500 which cover the speaker's fee, travel & lodging and some printing and mailing costs. Host churches recoup their costs either by: 1) charging a registration fee (we recommend $30 for Onsite Registrationa and $25 for Early Registration), 2) receiving offerings, and/or 3) sharing expenses with co-hosting churches. If you charge a registration fee, only 50 or 60 registrants will cover your costs.

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Gerrit Gustafson served as a church planting pastor and teacher for 15 years before becoming part of the original Creative Team of Integrity Music in 1985. Through Integrity, Gerrit worked with nationally-known worship leaders and songwriters in helping to plan and create many of the recordings in the early years of the company. The phenomenal growth of this pioneering praise and worship company led to teaching opportunities for Gerrit all over the world.
As teaching became an increasing part of Gerrit's life, he served Integrity as a consultant and later started his own company, WholeHearted Worship, which creates recordings and songbooks that help accompany worship. Not content just to theorize, Gerrit has always been actively involved in songwriting and creating resources to serve the Body of Christ.

Gerrit and his wife, Himmie, have been married 37 years. They have 5 children and live in the Nashville area.
GG Pict

Here are some commendations from others about Gerrit's ministry:

Don Moen, Worship Leader, Songwriter and International Worship Statesman

"Gerrit Gustafson is one of the most profound teachers on worship that I have ever heard. His presentation is totally non-hyped and full of rich truths on worship that will change you forever. Words that come to my mind when I think about Gerrit Gustafson are, 'substance, integrity, heartfelt and truthfulness.' His message on worship is something that he feels deeply and this is reflected in his life and in the life of his family. I highly recommend Gerrit and his ministry to you."

Graham Kendrick, songwriter (Shine Jesus Shine, Amazing Love, Knowing You) and international worship activist

"Thoughtful and wise, Gerrit is a worship practitioner, not just a theorist, and combines a mind that searches the Scriptures with a gracious and humble attitude and a servant heart."

Sally Morganthaler, worship & culture specialist, author of Worship Evangelism

"Beyond style, beyond cosmetics, Gerrit gets to the epicenter of what worship is and what our worship relationship with God was meant to be. His is a voice of clarity."

Tom Kraeuter, author of numerous books on worship and director of Training Resources

"I always find Gerrit's teachings to be profoundly insightful and very challenging."

Bob Sorge, author of Exploring Worship and conference speaker

"Gerrit has a way of communicating profound Kingdom insights in a way that can be easily grasped. His passion for authenticity makes his teaching ministry relevant and practical, while his hunger for God's heartbeat keeps him on the front edge of what God is downloading to His people in this final hour."

Paul Baloche, songwriter (Open the Eyes of My Heart) and worship leader

"Gerrit is the 'Yoda' of praise and worship."

Brent Garrard, Senior Pastor, In Focus Church, Augusta, GA

"As a local Pastor I have been touched, challenged and inspired by Gerrit's teaching. His God given insight into the Word of God brings a fresh revelation to the power of worship and it's eternal purposes and place in the earth today.

You will not find a more practical, down to earth and spiritually rich teacher. There is no question that Gerrit sits in the office of a teacher and is being used as one of God's mouthpieces to instruct the Body of Christ about biblical forms of worship.

Our congregation has continued to practice what Gerrit taught long after he departed, and that is a sign of the life-giving instruction."

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